Strange Action is music.

Idea Fire Company

The first IFCO LP, for now titled Bathroom Electronics, is an all keyboard and synth record we did with Matt Krefting and Tim Shortell on two of the four tracks. It should be finished quite soon. The second LP will be Mating Call and will feature the new quintet with Matt Krefting – alto sax, Tim Shortell – clarinets, Mike Popovich – bass, along with Karla – keyboards, and me – synth and trumpet. We have about ¾ of an excellent LP recorded and hope to finish it soon.


Karla Borecky

Still In Your Pocket

Featured Track:

Matt Krefting


E. Granby Granby

“The problem with a lot of contemporary improv music is that it isn’t repetitive enough.” — E. Granby Granby

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