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IFCO and Friends Merchandise

QuaranTunes 2/19/21 Special Everything below is available at a 20% discount off the listed price. Idea Fire Company – The Light That Never Ceases To Fail (Feeding Tube)      LP $18 Idea Fire Company – Live Aboard the Sinking Ship (Regional Bears)      Cassette $11 Idea Fire Company – Postcards  (Swill Radio 033)                LP $18 Idea Fire Company – The Island Of Taste (Swill Radio 026)…. LP

What good is the state?

The state has only one legitimate purpose: to protect the common good. This is, of course, the one thing that modern capitalist states (and all precapitalist states, too) do miserably. The modern state in contemporary capitalist societies is devoted, almost exclusively, to the promotion of private profit. The state, then, is the lap-dog of Capital.

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