Idea Fire Company – The Light That Never Ceases To Fail (Feeding Tube) LP $18

The Light That Never Ceases To Fail was recorded with Mike Popovich In late 2015/ early 2016. The Wheels Of Justice grind slowly sometimes, but The Light… finally sees the light of day thanks to Ted at Feeding Tube. Mike Popovich was in my very first band, Y Front, in the late 70s and has been an intermittent collaborator ever since (Story Of Failure, Pickle Factory, etc). The Light… is basically piano (Karla), Mike (bass), and me. I play synth and trumpet. The first side has two short odd pieces and The First Kiss, which Karla has also performed at her solo piano shows. This version adds bass and synthetic foghorn. The second side starts out with Is It Love?, one of my favourite IFCO songs ever. My MB-esque synth combines with Mike’s dirty, sick bass, and Karla’s repetitive doomy piano to make a truly unique listening experience in my view. The side rolls on with Seeing The Sights, a more up beat (although that isn’t saying much after Is It Love?) Cluster-ish number, and then Karla and I close the LP ourselves with the desolate and windswept title track. I love this record. Great Karla cover. Edition of 250, which will probably not last long.

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